West Wyoming Borough

A community in Historic Northeastern Pennsylvania

Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste

Trash Pickup 2019-2020

County Waste is the borough’s municipal contractor for trash, curbside recycling, yard waste and bulk pickup. Each household has two containers; one container for trash and one container for curbside recycling. Collection day is on Mondays for trash and curbside recycling. If residents need more containers, they can purchase additional ones. Only garbage in the container can be picked up. All residents are required by ordinance to participate in the Borough’s Sanitation Service.

The Borough service allows residents a weekly container collection, recycling, seasonal yard waste pickup, bulk pickup, composting and leaf program.

Residents may call County Waste’s toll free number (800) 832-1332 to pre-pay and pre-schedule any additional BULK items to be picked up on the regular service day. County Waste’s driver must have a ticket with the resident’s address and item detail before an item will be taken.

Items considered BULK include refrigerators (no freon), air conditioners, dehumidifiers, couch, chair, mattress & box spring (1 item), furniture, lawn mowers (gas & oil must be removed), lawn furniture, swimming pools, construction material (dry wall, wood),
Items that cannot be taken include oil based paints, stains, chemicals, batteries, tires, concrete, brick or blocks. No electronics or hazardous waste can be accepted.


Recycling will be picked up on Mondays, along with the trash.

The Borough encourages residents to recycle; this will not only help the environment, but lower the Borough’s garbage tonnage totals, thereby controlling costs.

The following is a list of acceptable items for recycling:
Commingled food and beverage containers, #1 through #7 plastic containers. Please empty and rinse bottles. Aluminum, tin and food service cans. Glass bottles and jars (no lids). Newspapers (including inserts, coupons, etc.) magazines, catalogs, brochures, and office paper,

Cardboard includes: corrugated boxes, cereal boxes, cake boxes, frozen dinner boxes, egg cartons, paper grocery bags, gift boxes, pizza boxes and shoeboxes.


The Borough requests help from residents to keep the compost yard easier and more efficient to manage.

When dropping off yard waste at the compost yard at the rear of the DPW Building on Shoemaker Avenue, please do so only when the compost yard is open. Hours have been extended for the convenience of the residents. Some new fencing has been installed. Please do not dump over the closed fence. Please separate grass, brush and sticks and place in the designated rows in the compost yard. This will allow an easier time grinding and composting material.

The Borough residents will benefit, as the Borough can make a product that can be used by the community. Please: No metal, concrete, wood pallets. This and other such material breaks our grinder.

No commercial businesses. Violators will be cited.

Yard Waste

Yard waste is to be placed in an open container. Plastic bags may not be used. Brown recyclable bags are acceptable.

Yard waste consists of only the following: shrubbery, grass clippings and tree limbs. Tree limbs are not to exceed 3 feet in length or ½ inch in diameter. Limbs should be bundled, tied and placed in an open container.

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