West Wyoming Borough

A community in Historic Northeastern Pennsylvania

Hose Co. No. 2

Call 911 in an Emergency

Hose Co. No. 2
218 Stites Street
West Wyoming Pa, 18644: 570-287-1182
West Wyoming Hose Co. No. 2 has one Fire Engine identified through Luzerne County 911 as Engine 285. This is a Light Rescue Truck/Pumper that can be thought of as a giant mobile tool box. We carry generators and lamps for use in lighting up fire/accident scenes, as well as tools for vehicle extracations, portable pumps for flooding problems, hoses/nozzles and an onboard pump for fire suppression. We have gas detectors to test air quality in resident’s homes and a thermal imaging camera to detect heat in walls, floors, or ceilings that can also be used to find people at night in secluded areas (such as in the woods).

We meet monthly on the 1st Monday of each month, and anyone age 14 and over is invited to call us at 287-1182 to arrange to meet our officers and consider joining as a social or full member. Social memebers help with administration, housekeeping and fund raising activities. Full memebers (in addition to the social member responsibilities also) are trained in firefighting and rescue disciplines.

News: We are conducting our annual fund drive and ask our residents to be generous so we can continue to serve you.

President: Mark Mizzer

Vice President: Mike Kuharchik
Sec: Drew Austin
Treasurer: Carl Worthington

Fire Chief: Mike Kuharchik
Asst. Chief: Frank Hawk Sr
Engineer: John Baker

Monthly Meetings:
First Monday of the month

History of Hose Co. No. 2

The West Wyoming Hose Compane No. 2 was granted an initial charter in the early 1930’s. As the company began to take shape, the first piece of fire equipment, a hand-drawn hose cart, was purchased to aid in fire fighting operations. A shed near Tom Barrett’s home housed the equipment. However, in the late 1930’s a fire destroyed the property and equipment.

After several years without fire fighting involvement, Hose Company No. 2 reorganized in 1951 due to the rapid growth in Atherton Park. The men who were instrumental in the reorganization effort were Tom Barrett, Len Chesterfield, Sr., Mike Drobnicki, Mike Duda, Fred Homnick, Dick Johns, Steve Obsitos, Joe Rollman, Joe Salvo and Rudy Shulla.

A builiding fund was set up to collect monies to purchse the necessary fire fighting apparatus. Firemen’s picnics, dances and coincards were used to help raise the funds. West Wyoming Hose Co. No. 1 donated the old 1926 American LaFrance pumper in 1953, after council purchased a new pumper. George Ruckno donated the land. Because this land was swampy, 456 loads of dirt were used as fill before construction began.

Bullodozers and bockhoes dug out the cellar and Pisanski block layers put up the blocks. While under construction, Hurricane Hazle swepth through Wyoming Valley knocking out three of the standing walls. The destruction was severe and the walls had to be rebuilt. The new walls were redone and beams were laid across them for the first floor. It was then covered with tar paper until construction could continue. The steps going down to the cellar meeting room had to be dug out. The carpenter was Mike Duda.

In 1956, after the building was constructed, Joseph Salvo, James Aritz (first president), Tom Barrett and Leonard Chesterfield (first secretary) signed the mortgage to borow $10,000 to outfit the inside of the new fire hall. Other members involved were Jim Matusek, Bill Rossick, Floian Sucher, Mike Duda, Frank Kennedy, James Maira (first fund raising chairman), Dick Kropp, Harry Baut, Joe Rollman, and Carl Wint.

They also formed a ladies auxilieary. Led by Ann Barrett, president, the membership included Madeline Barush, Helen Aritz, Eleanor Duda, Ann Matusek, Dorothy Rossick, Connie McKeown, Margaret Chesterfield, Irene Sunkel, Burnice Kropp, Theresa Kennedy, Arlene Kuehn, and Irene Suchar.

Throughout the 1960’s the growth of the organization continued. A used engine was purchased from Dallas Township to replace the aging 1926 La France. In 1967 a new Ward LaFrance engine was purchased and after a number of years of service it was sold to Jessup Hose Company No. 2. It was replaced by a pumper built by International.

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